Enter the Realm of Nature.

If we can see the world through the eyes of an explorer and place life’s diversity into a geographic context, we can deepen our appreciation of natural assets and adapt to our changing planet.

About Indomalayan

The Realm

Also called the Oriental realm by biogeographers, the Indomalayan realm extends from the Indian subcontinent, through the Indo-China bioregion and the Indo-Malay archipelago.

Most of Indomalaya was originally covered by forest, mostly tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests predominant in much of India and parts of Southeast Asia, besides containing areas of high geological, cultural and aesthetic values.

The Indo-Malay is one of the most biodiversity rich ecological realms and poses a considerable magnitude of conservation issues that are at stake hence one of the primary goals of the Species Ecology is to provide science bound information pertaining to this ecologically unique mega diversity biome.

Contribute to Spread the Message

Spread a Word

Let your friends and family know about us. Your word matters.

Create for Nature

Create stories, capture nature in your habitats or film or share ideas of Life in Harmony with Nature

Educate our Future

Educate children about our natural world with the help of necessary resources, by joining the community while offering the promise of a brighter future.


With the aim of helping ourselves and our planet, we always need enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more info.


Inspired from all those communities and individuals creating awareness of our natural world, involving a generation of naturalists, explorers, creators and educators;
Exploring and Learning our precious Natural habitats…
Creating and Sharing stories of Life in Nature…
Experiencing Life with Gratitude…

Join Us and Explore the geographic space and adventures in nature.
Live in Harmony with Nature.

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